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Golden globe nominations 2017

With really good marketing and sheer force of will, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. has, over the last decade, turned the Golden Globes from a scandal-riven booze fest into a highly rated, influential awards ceremony, a metamorphosis that has never been clearer than this year.

The diverse slate of film acting nominees it announced on Monday sent a clear, early message to Oscar voters dogged by the #OscarsSoWhite label: There can be no excuses this year.

Last year, when faced with criticism for yet another all-white slate of acting nominees, some members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences argued that there simply had been too few nonwhite choices. 

Beyond that, Globes voters also took the opportunity to recognize a wide range of stories,  saluting movies driven by women, such as “Florence Foster Jenkins,” which tells the true story of a New York socialite whose inability to sing didn’t stop her from trying, and “20th Century Women,” a poignant look at a free-thinking, independent mother raising her son beyond the bounds of convention.

“Hidden Figures,” a drama about the black women mathematicians who helped launch John Glenn into space, scored two nominations, including a nod for supporting actress Spencer.

“It is nice to have more inclusion — and inclusion across the board,” said “Moonlight” writer-director Barry Jenkins, whose coming-of-age drama received six nominations. “Looking at the types of movies nominated in the best picture categories, especially in this post-election world, it’s really this beautiful snapshot of what America is right now. And it’s not just a monolith. I think that’s the biggest statement.”

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