How Journalists Failed to Predict Trump’s Victory?

How Journalists Failed to Predict Trump Victory

As the brilliant technology, big data and sophisticated modeling that American editors bring to the fundamental human endeavor of presidential politics could not save American journalism yet again that behind the story behind the rest of the country.

The media largely missed what was happening around it, and it was the story of a lifetime. The numbers were not only a poor guide to election night – they were an off-ramp away from what really happened.

Nobody predicted a night like this – Donald J. Trump a beautiful region would attract more than Hillary Clinton and win the presidency.

The misfire on Tuesday was about much more than a failure of polling. It was a lack of the seething anger of a large part of the American voters behind by feels abandoned selective recovery, betrayed by trade who see them as a threat to their jobs and respected by the creation of Washington, Wall Street and the capturing mainstream media.

Journalists have polling data is not in doubt when they confirmed their gut feeling that Mr. Trump could never in a million years pulls it off. She portrayed Trump supporters who still believed he had a shot if the contact with reality. In the end, it was the other way around.

It was only a few months ago that such a large part of the European media does not meet the mood in Britain to leave the European Union. Election 2016, your name is Brexit.

Election Day was preceded by more than a month of the statements that the race was close, but essentially over. And that assessment held even after the late October news that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was reviewing a new batch of emails regarding private server Mrs. Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton victory would be “substantial but not overwhelming,” The Huffington Post had reported, after assuring his readers that “she got this.” That more or less behaved with Upshot projection early Tuesday, The New York Times that Mrs. Clinton was a 84 percent favorite to win the presidency.

Then came a major shift, as mainstream media organizations scrambled to the bus she had just run over to catch. By 10:30 had Upshot projection switched around, remarkably, to 93 percent in favor of Mr. Trump.


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