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Queen Maxima travels to her sister († 33)

These are hard days for the otherwise splendid Queen Maxima. The wife of King Willem-Alexanderlost  her younger sister Inés Zorreguieta last Thursday . At the age of just 33, the graduate psychologist was found lifeless . Maxima proves Inés now their last respects: Accompanied by her family, she traveled to Argentina to say goodbye to her! In her apartment in Buenos Aires, the young woman was said to… read more »

Fact Checking Trade Rhetoric of Trump

In defending his threatened new tariffs on steel and aluminum, President Trump has issued a series of statements on trade agreements and tariffs. Here is a guide to rhetoric. Since this is a quick summary, we do not forgive Pinocchios, but many of his claims are greatly exaggerated. “We’ve lost $ 800 billion in recent… read more »

Income Tax Brackets For US – Tax Year 2018

It seems that the GOP has committed itself to a final tax bill. It is not over yet, but it is close enough that an article on the new income tax rates for 2018 makes sense. The bill, which represents a significant tax reform, changes significant changes in federal income tax brackets and deductions. Let’s… read more »

There’s always an old Trump tweet: trump indictment

As unpredictable as the Trump era has often been, there is one truth we can trust: somewhere in the Twitter accounts @realDonaldTrump, there is an old tweet that perfectly matches the latest news. On Friday, the Ministry of Justice announced allegations against the Russian company Internet Research Agency and 13 Russian individuals and accused them… read more »

License is lost for Uber in London

Uber in London Uber’s scandal story and contempt for local regulations finally caught up with him on Friday when London refused to renew the company’s license to operate in the city, its biggest European market. Transport for London, the agency that oversees the city’s subways, buses and taxis, stated that Uber was not “adequate and… read more »