There is a third “13 Reasons Why” season!

There is a third "13 Reasons Why" season!This message will make fans happy! Only on May 18, the Netflix series Dead girls did not lie (original title: “13 Reasons Why”) in a new round . The second season, the plot revolves around the trial of the tragic suicide of lead character Hannah Baker ( Katherine Langford , 22). But the story will not be finished yet. Now it became known: There will be another sequel!

The confirmed Netflix now in a video on YouTube . Although nothing has been revealed about the new plot, the makers of the show have already revealed the date of the release: The next installment will be released next year! In 13 new episodes, show inventor Brian Yorkey will continue the story of Clay Jensen ( Dylan Minnette, 21) and his classmates. Katherine Langford aka Hannah is in the new season, however, no longer in front of the camera. Instead, the series will revolve around other nerve-racking topics.


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