Blizzard Launches ‘Overwatch’ ‘Christmas’ Update December 2016; Winter Wonderland Offers New Skins, Player Icons, Victory Poses And More

Overwatch Christmas December 2016 Skins

Blizzard has just made Christmas event alive for her video game “Overwatch“. Winter Wonderland update was launched on YouTube after weeks of speculation and teasers. This development brings new skins and more players of the highly popular gaming title.

The teaser for the Christmas update was leaked by the official ‘Overwatch’ group on the Russian social network The same teaser was unveiled on Twitter and Facebook.

Yesterday, Blizzard invited her twitter followers that the update Christmas will be unveiled the following day. The invitation featured an animated poison with a snow-covered version of the card King’s Row. It was marked by determination December 13, being the launch schedule.

The Christmas update for “Overwatch” is a winter-themed standard loot box which allows players to unlock new items. New skins, phone, player icons, victory poses and highlight intros offered by the update. Players get a free icon and loot box only for login.

According to Forbes magazine, players can new holiday theme skins, sprays, and emotes earn and buy them for a limited time. Winter Wonderland Update “Overwatch” has 100 loot boxes.

“Overwatch’s” Christmas update has Brawl mode designed specifically for Winter Wonderland. Two teams of six will fight with each other Ecopoint Antarctica, playing with everyone as May, which is equipped with a snowball gun.

There is also a Winter Mystery brawl, causing characters’ Overwatch ‘players’ are randomly selected each time they re-spawn. Winter Wonderland update also includes holiday decoration for Hanamura.

Blizzard has announced that the Winter Wonderland Update “Overwatch” is available until January 2. Players only Christmas-themed items can unlock from today. However, these items are available for use throughout the year.

Here is the video with the Winter Wonderland update below. Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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