Buying a Used Car? What You Should Know Before You Go for it

buying a car at auction in usa

On Tuesday, two reporters from The New York Times visited a car auction held in Queens by the Ministry of Finance, New York City.

It was a lesson in how consumers cars fatal flaws and how vendors have few obligations to have been able to buy these defects known to the public.

The department auctioning 20 car was, which probably had been abandoned or towed to a group of about 50 bidders. The vehicles were in various states of disrepair and no one had even bothered to remove debris from the interior.

The list of vehicles along with their vehicle identification numbers, was posted on the Department of the auction website. It took the reporters on less than half an hour to see all 20 cars driving through a federal database security flaws – something that can do any interested potential consumers. This search revealed that half of the cars had been recalled for various reasons, including faulty ignition switches and Takata airbags that have slain or wounded hundreds of people together around the world.

including vehicles in the database indicates that the recall problems remain unresolved.

The auctioneer made clear in the sale of all cars would be sold as is, even if they were recalled. in cash, he said buyers had to pay, and all sales were final.


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