Queen Maxima travels to her sister († 33)

Queen Maxima travels to her sisterThese are hard days for the otherwise splendid Queen Maxima. The wife of King Willem-Alexanderlost  her younger sister Inés Zorreguieta last Thursday . At the age of just 33, the graduate psychologist was found lifeless . Maxima proves Inés now their last respects: Accompanied by her family, she traveled to Argentina to say goodbye to her!

In her apartment in Buenos Aires, the young woman was said to have committed suicide in the night of June 7, as stated in the statement of a spokesman for the Dutch government to the South American news site La Nación . For years, the godmother of Princess Ariane (11) suffered from depression and anorexia. According to the Dutch daily Clarin , Maxima is said to have made her way to her homeland just one day after her sister’s death: “It is expected that the couple, accompanied by their daughters, will leave at 5 am with the regular KLM this Friday Flight from the Netherlands arrives in Buenos Aires. “

Queen maxima with familyAlready on the weekend Maxima’s sister is to be buried. Fast burial – as in the case of Inés – is not uncommon in Argentina. The royal family is to remain until Saturday in the country of birth of Maxima, as some media report. Whether that’s true or whether King Willem-Alexanderwill leave sooner due to royalties is not officially confirmed yet.



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