The 5 most important changes and additions to iPhone upcoming iOS 12

IOS 12

This fall, a major new update for iPhone and iPad is expected: iOS 12, the latest version of Apple’s smartphone and tablet operating system software.

His outstanding feature? A new way to turn your face into a living cartoon called Memoji:

This is true! This grinning cartoon is nothing but Apple boss Tim Cook.

But let’s face it – the things that will really affect your daily iPhone use are a trivial matter. To this end, Apple is making huge strides in iOS 12 in terms of usability and usability, which should be highlighted.

Here are the five most important changes and additions in iOS 12:

1. iOS 12 makes old iPhones faster.

Faster than before ios 12

There are many new features in iOS 12 that are intended for the latest models of the iPhone, such as the Memoji mentioned above.

But a big feature aimed directly at older iPhones is a significant performance improvement. According to Apple vice president of software development Craig Federighi, iOS 12 makes older phones like the iPhone 6+ much faster: 40% faster app launches, 50% faster keyboard opening and a 70% improvement when opening the camera.

It’s not sexy, but it’s something that makes the user experience much better for most iPhone owners. Apple goes straight to the frequent complaint that every year with each new iOS update older iPhones slow down.

That iOS 12 will support iPhones that go down to the iPhone 5S is another subtle clue to the many millions of people who use older iPhone models.

2. The Notifications tray is getting a major update, smartly copying Android’s best feature.

Do you always slip over your notification panel and find a lot of nonsense? Unfortunately, this is the most interaction with the notification area in iOS. One of the main arguments for using Android over iOS is how useful the notification field is in the former (and how bad it is in the latter).

Apple seems to address this disparity with iOS 12, adding support for grouped notifications into the notification panel. For example, all of your text message alerts are automatically bundled instead of being displayed one at a time. You can still tap and see, or you can swipe left across the stack to clear all at once.

It’s a small but crucial change in daily iPhone usage.

3. Customize your life with Siri Shortcuts.

customize your siri

Siri is a kind of chaos in general use, but a new tool for Siri is promising. It is called “shortcuts” and essentially allows you to program a series of actions that are tied to a particular command phrase.

In the example that Apple gives, an iPhone owner has a shortcut to the phrase “heading home”.

When Siri hears this phrase, he automatically performs a series of actions:

– Determines the directions with the least traffic.
– Text messages from the user’s roommate to let her know that she is on her way.
– Sets the home thermostat to 70 degrees and turns on a fan.

If you’ve ever used Automator on a Mac, the shortcuts will be familiar to you – it’s a way to set up a series of actions that you perform frequently and that are tied to a single trigger. In the case of Siri Shortcuts, these triggers are the phrase you set. Pretty neat!

4. More control over how you use your phone, and more ways to monitor that use.

With Apple’s introduction of the iPhone more than 10 years ago, smartphones have taken over. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the blurring of our digital life with our real ones, and Apple introduces some voluntary boundaries for those looking for space.

In iOS 12, you can set your own app limits. It probably would not hurt to limit yourself to less than an hour of social media usage per day, right? That’s the idea.

Apple also adds activity usage reports for this purpose. Even if you do not want to limit your app usage voluntarily, you may be impressed by how much time you have spent scrolling through Facebook.

In addition, iOS 12 extends the concept of do not disturb mode to a new do not disturb during sleep. Instead of silencing the ringtone and vibrations of your phone, on-screen notifications are also suppressed.

5. FaceTime is getting support for up to 32 people at once!

You already know it and probably love it – the video call service FaceTime expands massively with support for up to 32 participants in iOS 12.

You can also bring your Memoji directly into FaceTime. Become the stylized koala you always wanted to be!

FaceTime with so many users means the organization is the key. To do this, the one who is speaking will appear as the largest square, and you can tap individuals to focus on them even when they are not speaking.



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